Virginia Laser Technician School, Certification and Salary

Interested in starting your career as a Laser Technician in Virginia but not sure where to start? Take a minute to read our summary of what education you need, the certifications required, job opportunities and salary expectations.

Based on the US Labor Bureau, the state of Virginia estimates job market growth for skincare specialist of over 19.3% through 2024. This is greater than the national average of 13% which makes Virginia a great location to start a Laser Technician career.

The requirements for any person providing laser treatment are set by statute. These rules can be found by visiting the PDF here.

Education Required

In 2017, the law in Virginia changed with respect to laser treatments. Historically, both cosmetic and medical laser usage was not specifically regulated within statute or board ruling. In 2017 however, HB 2119 was passed through the state Senate, House of representatives and signed into law by the governor.

This laser adjusted the current statute with respect to practices of skincare specialists including estheticians, barbers and cosmetologist. Below is a copy of the new language:

54.1-2973.1. Practice of laser hair removal.

The practice of laser hair removal shall be performed by a properly trained person licensed to practice medicine or osteopathic medicine or a physician assistant as authorized pursuant to 54.1-2952 or a nurse practitioner as authorized pursuant to § 54.1-2957 or by a properly trained person under the direction and supervision of a licensed doctor of medicine or osteopathic medicine or a physician assistant as authorized pursuant to § 54.1-2952 or a nurse practitioner as authorized pursuant to § 54.1-2957 who may delegate such practice in accordance with subdivision A 6 of 54.1-2901.

Now, all laser procedures performed within the state must be directed and supervised by a licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

The statute also states that laser hair removal may be delegated to “a properly trained person” however that is not defined within the statute. As such, it will be at the physician and board discretion to determine what proper training includes.

Given the physician will be ultimately responsible for the acts of the delegate, we always suggest completion of a national accredited laser technician school to ensure proper and safe usage of the lasers.

Virginia Laser Technician Certification(s)

Currently, no law exists which requires licensure for someone performing laser treatments, outside of those persons also pursuing a PA or NP designation.

Job Opportunities

The job market in Virginia for skincare specialist has been growing year over year, with a wealth of opportunities to start a career. You can see a detailed list of job postings on our Laser Technician Jobs page. Just filter to Virginia to find opportunities in your area.

Laser Technician Jobs

Salary Expectations

Skincare Specialists in the state of Virginia can expect an average income of $41,740 per year, or $20.07/hour. This salary expectation is greater than the national average of $30,270 which is driven by the higher cost of living. Experience can also increase your salary over time.

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