Tennessee Laser Technician School, Certification and Salary

Interested in starting your career as a Laser Technician in Tennessee but not sure where to start? Take a minute to read our summary of what education you will need, if certifications are required, current job opportunities and salary expectations.

Based on the US Labor Bureau, the state of Tennessee estimates job market growth for skincare specialist of over 37.9% through 2024. This is three times greater than the national average of 13% which makes Tennessee a great location to start a Laser Technician career.

The requirements for any person providing laser treatment are set by the Tennessee Medical Examiners Board and statute. These rules can be found by visiting their page here.

Education Required

The state of Tennessee and the Board of Medical Examiners affirmed through statute that the use of lasers in cosmetic or medical procedures is considered the practice of medicine, with some caveats.

“(10) Use of Laser Equipment – Any procedure encompassed within the definition of the practice of medicine contained in T.C.A. § 63-6-204 that is to be performed by use of a laser shall be considered, except as provided in T.C.A. §§ 63-26-102 (5) and 63-9-106, to be the practice of medicine and any person performing such procedure must be under the supervision of a licensed physician.”

This statute broadly describes that laser treatments are considered the practice of medicine if included in T.C.A. § 63-6-204, unless the procedure is specifically addressed in either statutes T.C.A. §§ 63-26-102 (5).

T.C.A. § 63-6-204 addresses what is the practice of medicine, but also whom may perform those procedures. Laser treatments are included within the practice of medicine however they may be delegated to physician assistants, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. These procedures however will require the supervision, control and responsibility of a licensed physician in the state.

T.C.A. §§ 63-26-102 (5) addresses the scope Electrolysis in Tennessee and states:

“Electrolysis means the process by which the hair is removed from the normal skin by the application of an electric current to the hair root by means of a needle or needles, whether the process employs direct electric current or short wave alternating electric current or combination of both, or by F.D.A. approved laser beam process designated for permanent hair removal;”

In summary, Tennessee separates out laser hair removal from the practice of medicine and as such a licensed electrologist may perform these procedures while other medical or cosmetic laser procedures must be performed by a licensed physician or PA, RN or LPN under their supervision.

Becoming an electrologist requires the following education before application with the board:

  • Have been graduated by an accredited high school or have completed equivalent recognized education;
  • Have completed an electrology education program that is approved under this chapter, which includes:
    • At least one hundred fifty (150) hours of electrolysis theory and at least three hundred fifty (350) hours of clinical practice taught by a licensed electrology instructor;
    • An electrology education program in any other state that the commissioner determines is substantially equivalent to that required by subdivision (4)(A); or


Becoming a physician assistant, registered nurse or licensed practical nurse requires completion of your bachelors degree and the PA and RNs will require graduate level education as well.

Tennessee Laser Technician Certification(s)

The state of Tennessee requires licensure for both electrologists as well as physician assistants, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Electrologists are expected to pass an examination held by the commission before application for their license. PA will need to complete their PANCE examination before application, Registered Nurses complete the NCLEX and Licensed Practical Nurses complete the NCLEX-PN.

Job Opportunities

The job market in Tennessee for skincare specialist has been growing year over year, with a wealth of opportunities to start a career. You can see a detailed list of job postings on our Laser Technician Jobs page. Just filter to Tennessee to find opportunities in your area.

Laser Technician Jobs

Salary Expectations

Skincare Specialists in the state of Tennessee can expect an average income of $29,000 per year, or $13.94/hour. This salary expectation is less than the national average of $30,270 which is driven by the low cost of living as well as the limited procedures in which they are allowed to perform. Experience can also increase your salary over time. Physician Assistants and Nurses can expect an average income between $40,000 (LPN) and $80,000 (RN) depending on  experience and the facility in which one works.

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