Louisiana Laser Technician School, Certification and Salary

Interested in starting your career as a Laser Technician in Louisiana and not sure where to start? Take a moment and read our summary of what education you need, any certifications required, job opportunities and salary expectations.

Based on the US Labor Bureau, the state of Louisiana estimates job market growth for skincare specialist of over 8.6% through 2024. This is lower than the national average of 13% which makes Louisiana an average location start a Laser Technician career.

The requirements for any person providing laser treatment are set by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. These rules can be found by reading their memorandum here as well as statute here.

Education Required

The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners set forth the rules regarding the use of lasers in cosmetic and medical procedures in a 1997 memorandum. It opined that “the use of lasers constitutes the practice of medicine and may be performed or undertaken in this state only by a physician licensed to practice medicine by the Board or by another appropriately trained\ and licensed allied health professional acting under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician.”

The opinioned was backed by statute (La. Rev. Stat. ยง37:1262(1)).

As such, prospective laser technicians are required to work under the supervision of a licensed physician within the state. It is the physician’s responsibility to ensure that the laser technician is properly trained and qualified to perform the tasks or treatments that are delegated.

At a minimum, laser technicians who assist physicians with laser treatments should possess training in safety, application techniques of each system, cutaneous medicine, indications/contraindications for such procedures, preoperative and post-operative care, potential complications and infectious disease control involved with each treatment.

Louisiana Laser Technician schools will cover these topics as required by law to ensure you are properly trained.

Laser treatments completed without the supervision and direction of a physician can result in fines and criminal charges.

Louisiana Laser Technician Certification(s)

The Medical Board of Louisiana does not require certification for laser technicians wishing to practice within the state. The delegating physician is required to have an active license with the state to practice medicine.

Job Opportunities

The job market in Louisiana for skincare specialist has been growing year over year, with a wealth of opportunities to start a career. You can see a detailed list of job postings on our Laser Technician Jobs page. Just filter to Louisiana to find opportunities in your area.

Laser Technician Jobs

Salary Expectations

Skincare Specialists in the state of Louisiana can expect an average income of $24,950 per year, or $12/hour. This salary expectation is lower than the national average of $30,270 which is driven by a lower cost of living and low job growth. Experience may increase your salary over time.

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