Hi! My name is Susie Williams, owner and writer for Laser Technician Schools. I found an affinity for skincare back in 2010 and decided to pursue my passion to become a licensed Laser Technician in 2013.

As I searched for information on how to become a laser technician, I found myself at a loss for where to begin. I spent hours searching online, only to find myself on my state’s (Georgia) medical board website tracking down the specific education and certification requirements to pursue my passion. It was a hassle to say the least.

While skincare is one passion, I had another for writing. I like to tell stories and help others. In school I majored in creative writing which to be honest didn’t do much good after I graduated. I chose not to pursue my PH.D. And instead focused on my family. It wasn’t until after I pursued my career as a laser technician that I decided to also create this site to hopefully help others on their path.

So as you read through the materials I gathered and articles written, take a moment to comment with your thoughts or questions. You can also send me an email using our Contact Page and I will do my best to respond quickly!