New Jersey Laser Technician School, Certification and Salary

Interested in starting your career as a Laser Technician in New Jersey and not sure where to begin? Take a minute to read our summary of what education you need, any certifications required, job opportunities and salary expectations.

Based on the US Labor Bureau, the state of New Jersey estimates job market growth for skincare specialist of over 15.3% through 2024. This is greater than the national average of 13% which makes New Jersey a great location start a Laser Technician career.

The requirements for any person providing laser treatment are set by the New Jersey Administrative code. These rules can be found by the statute here.

Education Required

The state of New Jersey is among few in the country which put very stringent rules in place for the use of lasers in cosmetic and medical treatments. The administrative code defines surgery as the following:

“Surgery means a manual or operative procedure, including the use of lasers, performed upon the body for the purpose of preserving health, diagnosing or treating disease, repairing injury, correcting deformity or defects, prolonging life or relieving suffering. Surgery includes, but is not limited to: incision or curettage of tissue or an organ; suture or other repair of tissue or an organ; a closed or open reduction of a fracture or extraction of tissue from the uterus.”

The statute goes on to state that surgical procedures may only be performed by licensed physicians with the state and may not be delegated. As the “use of lasers” is considered surgery, only a New Jersey physician may perform cosmetic or medical procedures.

Electrologists within the state are specifically excluded from using “laser and other intense light source hair removal” by definition.

New Jersey Laser Technician Certification(s)

The current legislation in New Jersey only allows licensed physicians to perform laser treatments within the state. Licensure requires proper education including a bachelors degree, 3 years of medical school and residency before applying.

Job Opportunities

The job market in New Jersey for skincare specialist has been growing year over year, with a wealth of opportunities to start a career. You can see a detailed list of job postings on our Laser Technician Jobs page. Just filter to New Jersey to find opportunities in your area.

Laser Technician Jobs

Salary Expectations

Skincare Specialists in the state of New Jersey can expect an average income of $183,410 per year, or $88.18/hour. This salary expectation is over six times the national average of $30,270 which is driven by the physician licensure required by the state. Experience can also increase your salary over time.

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