Idaho Laser Technician School, Certification and Salary

Interested in starting your career as a Laser Technician in Idaho and not sure where to start? Take a moment and read our summary of what education you need, any certifications required, job opportunities and salary expectations.

Based on the US Labor Bureau, the state of Idaho estimates job market growth for skincare specialist of over 45.7% through 2024. This is greater than the national average of 13% which makes Idaho a great location start a Laser Technician career.

The requirements for any person providing laser treatment are set by the Idaho State Board of Medicine. These rules can be found by visiting their descriptive PDF here.

Education Required

The state of Idaho sets specific rules and education requirements for those persons wishing to practice laser treatments. Those rules differ dependent on the type of laser and procedure being performed.

To start, the Idaho Medical Board identifies any cosmetic using prescriptive or cosmetic devices (including lasers) as a practice of medicine. This rule is altered in under Section 54-1804 of the Medical Practice Act which allows for usage of class I and II lasers by unlicensed medical providers.

Class I and II laser use a spectrum light which is not harmful to your eyes and has been approved by the FDA.

While the ultimate person performing the procedure does not have to be licensed with the state, the rules do specify that a medical doctor must first prescribe the treatment, the laser technician must be adequately trained and the medical doctor must supervise the treatment.

The training requirements are not spelled out by the board or statute, however the supervising physician must be confident in your work as they will be held responsible in the event of an issue. As such, most physicians who delegate this treatment to laser technicians will require training from a reputable school.

Idaho Laser Technician Certification(s)

Idaho’s Medical Board does not stipulate a licensing requirement to perform laser treatments so long as you are delegated the treatments by a medical doctor and they supervise your work. This means following completion of laser technician school, a technician can apply for roles within the state.

Job Opportunities

The job market in Idaho for skincare specialist has been growing year over year, with a wealth of opportunities to start a career. You can see a detailed list of job postings on our Laser Technician Jobs page. Just filter to Idaho to find opportunities in your area.

Laser Technician Jobs

Salary Expectations

Skincare Specialists in the state of Idaho can expect an average income of 25,020$ per year, or $12.03/hour. This salary expectation is less than the national average of $30,270 which is driven by the low cost of living in the state as well as the limited educational requirements to perform these procedures. Experience can also increase your salary over time.

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